How to: Advocate for Yourself

How To: Advocate for Yourself is live on @mataiagency, the agency for change and women’s empowerment!
For ex-people pleasers and #recoveringnicegirls like me it can be hard to stand up for what you want. In the article, I outline 7 ‘laws’ that help make it easy for you to build that confidence. 🌙 Law #1: Believe in What You Are Asking For
🌙 Law #2: Step Out of the Victim Mindset
🌙 Law #3: Decide Exactly What You Want — And Go For It
🌙 Law #4: Draw Up a Plan of Action
🌙 Law #5: Seek out Support
🌙 Law #6: Communicate with Clarity 🌙 Law #7: Be Firm and Persistent

CBD Part 2: Criminalization

Read pt. 1 here. … Part 2: Criminalization (2 of 4 parts) Soon came waves of anti-marijuana media and legislation. In 1937 the Marijuana Tax Act was passed to curb the usage of the plant. Movies such as Reefer Madness made white middle classes fear for their children’s health, painting a picture of marijuana asContinue reading “CBD Part 2: Criminalization”