How to: Advocate for Yourself

How To: Advocate for Yourself is live on @mataiagency, the agency for change and women’s empowerment!
For ex-people pleasers and #recoveringnicegirls like me it can be hard to stand up for what you want. In the article, I outline 7 ‘laws’ that help make it easy for you to build that confidence. 🌙 Law #1: Believe in What You Are Asking For
🌙 Law #2: Step Out of the Victim Mindset
🌙 Law #3: Decide Exactly What You Want — And Go For It
🌙 Law #4: Draw Up a Plan of Action
🌙 Law #5: Seek out Support
🌙 Law #6: Communicate with Clarity 🌙 Law #7: Be Firm and Persistent